Flavoursome Chilled Organic Meals

Eat Cool or Heat Up. Freshly Made 3 Times a Week
Available at several London retail locations and delivered locally in NW5.


Duncan Catchpole

The Cambridge Organic Food Company
"The perfect product for busy people who are after wholesome, nourishing and tasty food."


Natasha Card

Head of food wholesale, Elveden Fine Foods
"I had the couscous for supper last night. It was outstanding!! Really very very nice. I have never eaten a dried mix without adding veg and this time I really did not need to"


Mehmet Akyildiz

Mercy Oil Trading London
"A very well thought out food source. I've been using these products for many months now. I highly recommend them both for nutrition and convenience. Love it that they're 100% Organic."


Henry Pietkiewicz

Customer and Healer
"The meals are not only a brilliant idea but surprisingly delicious."

About Colliver’s

I started cooking after initially experimenting with dry vegetables, herbs and
spices after buying some dried spinach, leek and sweet peppers in Turkey. I was already passionate about cooking and the medicinal qualities of culinary herbs and spices. After returning to the UK after 10 years in the Middle East, I combined the knowledge of Arab cuisine with the art of curry spice blending while flavouring my growing collection of quality air and sun-dried vegetables. Cooking with dried vegetables is different because you only use boiling and resting, which is actually very healthy.

By mixing organic flavoured vegetables with grains and pulses and experimenting how to prepare them, Colliver’s Organic Food Company now has an expanding range of Organic Chilled Meals that we produce 3 times a week. We started off in Sourced Market and grew from there. People are often surprised how tasty they are, because healthy and delicious are not normally associated with grab and go. The main reason I went for 100% Organic is that the spices are so much better than conventional. It makes a huge difference in the taste and of course, Organic ingredients are so much better for you as they have not been meddled with. The Organic vegetable is quite simply as it should be and as it was originally created to be. Only 100 years ago that would have been all you could find!

Our meals are Ideal for when you come home from work and want to eat something healthy, but don’t have the time, energy, or ingredients to cook.

They are also perfect for lunch at work. We are not trying to extend the shelf
life in any way, so we will never land up in the major supermarkets.

Our meals are ideal for when you come home from work and want to eat something healthy

but don’t have the time, energy, or ingredients to cook.

Colliver's products have been certified as 100% Organic